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In Georgia the history of Wing Tchun begins from the 90s, when martial arts popularity were on very high level - these were feature movies, clips, weapons, posters, stickers, etc. Meanwhile first times Wing Tchun appeared in Adjara - in Batumi. In Georgia this martial art has passed a gradual development, for what we are grateful to the magnificent Georgian and, meanwhile, a worthy person, Mindia Evgenidze, thanks to whom several Wing Tchun schools function in our country.

In 1994, under the leadership of Mindia Evgenidze, the first school of Wing Tchun opened in Batumi. The teaching methods were mainly made up from traditional systems. Preparing students was quite difficult and time consuming. At the moment there were spreaded legends and myths about Wing Tchun. Many didn't even know that this kind of fight was taught in Georgia.

In 2005, to improve the qualifications, the German Wing Tchun instructor, sifu (master) Guseppe Celestini, was invited to the Wing Tchun school of Batumi, who periodically conducted exams and seminars for both instructors and students. This is the time when the popularity of martial arts in Europe reached peak highs, what we owe to the puple of the famous Yip Man - Leang Ting, whose type of training appeared more methodical and practical.

In 2009 the Wing Tchun school was opened in Tbilisi. As an instructor was chosen one of the students of Mindia Evgenidze - Dimitri Purtseladze. In the capital not many knew about the school, but the popularity was growing rapidly, what was helped by the artistic and biographical film of the 2008th year about Yip Man (so the people learned about the teacher of Bruce Lee).

In 2010 the Wing Tchun school joined the European Federation of Practical Wing Tchun headed by sifu (master) Dimitry Stashevich, who made a significant contribution to the development of the Georgian Wing Tchun. Under his leadership various tournaments, exams and seminars are helding.

In 2016 the Wing Tchun team joined the Georgian national federation of Wushu, where it is actively participating in various events and tournaments.

On October 10, 2016, under the leadership of Mindia Evgenidze, the Georgian Wing Tchun club "Agmosavleti" was officially established, the main goal of which is the introduction and development of the correct and practical method of Wing Tchun training.

Professional Trainers

Our instructors have lot years of experience in sport training.

Comfortable environment

The environment suits all the requirements for best practice training.

Team Training

The training helds in groups and is trained in couples and even more.



Our trainers aim is to teach students all they know and gain from them experience to improve and realize the highest quality service


Mindia Evgenidze

  • Agmosavleti Director

Dimitri Purtseladze

  • Tbilisi instructor

Irakli Perselidze

  • Batumi instructor

Lado Nanikashvili

  • Kids instructor
Mindia Evgenidze - Agmosavleti vice-president

The way for the victory

Teacher opens door for you -
the way you should walk by yourself.

Martial arts is just as creative as fine arts, because as a sculptor creates a sculpture, it molds itself in the search for truth.



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