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Seminar and exam. 23.07.2017

Seminar and exam.
In Georgia - in Tbilisi and Batumi for Club Agmosavleti members were held exam and seminar in Practical Wing Tchun.
Its main theme was "Wing Tchun techniques in sport battle".
In sum seminar lasted for 8 and exam for 6 hours by the president of the PWTF - Sifu Dmitri Stashevich and his representative.
We are grateful for this experience and wish everyone a good luck!

Practical Wing Tchun

Wing Tchun is part of the traditional combat system, the base of which the beginner should study in stages. To achieve the appropriate level, you need to have a great desire and perseverance, but the main thing is the result. Therefore, our learning principle is result-oriented.

Most representatives of traditional martial arts believe, that their combat system is more effective than others. They insist on this thought until they are struck at a sporting event. The legend of an untouchable man remains a legend....

Traditional Wing Tchun

China is a country with a great culture and traditions. The Chinese people have always respected the cult of martial arts, as evidenced by the diversity of kung fu. Different types of martial arts are inherited from generation to generation, from family to family. It's safe to say, that Wing Tchun, like other martial arts of kung fu, supports the traditional system.

Currently, many martial arts are judged skeptical. It is believed, that the local movement is just a sham and not ordinary in practice....

Wing Tchun for girls

Wing Tchun, as a kind of combat system, is well suited to the physique of the weaker sex. Girls are easily assigned to receptions. Their main barrier is to overcome oneself.

Women in kind are physically weaker than men, but they have equal moral. The idea, that it is impossible to overcome a man, can be false, since there is no weak and strong sex for Wing Tchun.

Wing Chun's fighting movements gradually strengthen the body, the inner essence, increase their confidence, that they can fight....

Wing Tchun for kids

Raising children requires a lot of attention. Their minds are empty, and the body is full of energy, so they carefully study everything. Mastering Wing Tchun will help them in mental as well as in physical development.

Every child is different. They need a special approach. The martial arts school helps them to master a culture that is characterized not only by physical strength, but also by the strengthening of their inner essence and development of a healthy character in them....


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Practical method

Theoretical method

Seminar and exam. 23.07.2017

Seminar and exam.
In Georgia - in Tbilisi and Batumi for Club Agmosavleti members were held exam and seminar in Practical Wing Tchun.
Its main theme was "Wing Tchun techniques in sport battle".
In sum seminar lasted for 8 and exam for 6 hours by the president of the PWTF - Sifu Dmitri Stashevich and his representative.
We are grateful for this experience and wish everyone a good luck!

Rewarding - we got gold medals. 14.05.2017

Rewarding - we got gold medals.
4 representatives of the club "Agmosavleti" today won 4 gold medals in the European Championships in Wing Tchun: 3 of them in the contact battle of Wing Tchun, 1 - in the demonstration performances. I want to thank the president of the Georgian National Federation of Wushu for support - Giorgi Verulidze, as well as the founder of club "Agmosavleti" - Mindia Evgenidze and our participants - Avtandil Kakulia, Tornike Nanikashvili, Zaza Zazarashvili and Lika Tsulukidze. Thank you for your confidence and support. I wish you success!

Our story

In Georgia the history of Wing Tchun begins from the 90s, when martial arts popularity were on very high level - these were feature movies, clips, weapons, posters, stickers, etc. Meanwhile first times Wing Tchun appeared in Adjara - in Batumi. In Georgia this martial art has passed a gradual development, for what we are grateful to the magnificent Georgian and, meanwhile, a worthy person, Mindia Evgenidze, thanks to whom several Wing Tchun schools function in our country.

In 1994, under the leadership of Mindia Evgenidze, the first school of Wing Tchun opened in Batumi. The teaching methods were mainly made up from traditional systems. Preparing students was quite difficult and time consuming. At the moment there were spreaded legends and myths about Wing Tchun. Many didn't even know that this kind of fight was taught in Georgia.

In 2005, to improve the qualifications, the German Wing Tchun instructor, sifu (master) Guseppe Celestini, was invited to the Wing Tchun school of Batumi, who periodically conducted exams and seminars for both instructors and students. This is the time when the popularity of martial arts in Europe reached peak highs, what we owe to the puple of the famous Yip Man - Leang Ting, whose type of training appeared more methodical and practical.

In 2009 the Wing Tchun school was opened in Tbilisi. As an instructor was chosen one of the students of Mindia Evgenidze - Dimitri Purtseladze. In the capital not many knew about the school, but the popularity was growing rapidly, what was helped by the artistic and biographical film of the 2008th year about Yip Man (so the people learned about the teacher of Bruce Lee).

In 2010 the Wing Tchun school joined the European Federation of Practical Wing Tchun headed by sifu (master) Dimitry Stashevich, who made a significant contribution to the development of the Georgian Wing Tchun. Under his leadership various tournaments, exams and seminars are helding.

In 2016 the Wing Tchun team joined the Georgian national federation of Wushu, where it is actively participating in various events and tournaments.

On October 10, 2016, under the leadership of Mindia Evgenidze, the Georgian Wing Tchun club "Agmosavleti" was officially established, the main goal of which is the introduction and development of the correct and practical method of Wing Tchun training. Followers of this technique are students of Mindia Evgenidze, who are actively involved in the development of Wing Tchun as a martial art. These include:

  • Dimitri Purtseladze - instructor (Tbilisi)
  • Irakli Perselidze - instructor (Batumi)
  • Beka Purtseladze - instructor (Tbilisi)
  • George Kutubidze - instructor (Batumi)
  • Archil Jayani - instructor (Batumi)

P.S. Wing Tchun trains not only the body, but also the mind. With each of his movement arises a new movement, with each question - a new question. Wing Tchun is a continuous chain, an endless road through which only the chosens can walk.

About Wing Tchun

Wing Tchun - (endless spring) is one of the new types of oriental martial arts, more specifically, part of Chinese Kung Fu, which is very popular in many European countries. Its history begins from the 17th century in a country of myths and legends, in particular, in China, where great attention was paid to the cult of martial arts. According to legend, Wing Tchun was created by five master-monks in the eastern monastery of Shaolin, one of which was a woman - Ing Mui. After observing the style of the crane and snake in the combat system she added new movements and improved them. Ing Mui transferred her knowledge to a young girl named Im Wing Chun. This martial art was named in her honor.

Wing Tchun was considered a locked-up combat system of China. Its training could only be held by representatives of wealthy families. Wing Tchun was born in the beginning of the 20th century in one of the provinces of China, in Busan, during the period of the great master's activity - Yip Man, the teacher of which was Chan Wang Shun, and later - Leang Beek.

Yip Man had quite a good command of this type of combat system. He also clarified the fundamental side of Wing Tchun and made it more practical. In the period of residence in Hong Kong, Yip Man had hundreds of students, whom he brought to various tournaments and in many cases even with success. There is a legend that his students went to different schools of Wushu to beat local masters.

Wing Tchun, in general, the spread of Kung Fu in the US and Europe belongs to the name of the legendary actor - Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was a student of Yip Man who wanted to introduce the West to Chinese culture. Yip Man was a chauvinist. He didn't want foreigners to learn about Wing Tchun; That's why he refused to Bruce Lee in continuing the training of the combat system.

After the death of Yip Man, his students began actively training civilians of various countries in Wing Tchun, because the interest in martial arts was quite large. From time to time, Wing Tchun went beyond the borders of China and spreaded throughout the world. It should be noted that the Europeans gave Wing Tchun some kind of interpretation and, thus, made it more and more sophisticated.

In Georgia, the spread of the Wing Tchun begins with Adjara, in particular, in Batumi, under the leadership of Mindia Evgenidze, who began training Wing Tchun in the 90s of the 20th century. Practice and experience he received from leading European schools, such as the "Wing Tchun Federation of Eastern Europe" (Hungary - Sifu Norbert Madai), "Practical Wing Chun Federation" (Estonia - Sifu Dmitry Stashevich), etc.

October 10, 2016 for the first time in Georgia was founded Wing Tchun Club "Agmosavleti", whose president is Mindia Evgenidze. In addition, School of Wing Tchun is working in Tbilisi, led by a student of Mindia Evgenidze - Dmitry Purtseladze.

Wing Chun Club "Agmosavleti" actively cooperates with the "Georgian National Wushu Federation". In May 2017, four Wing Tchun representatives from Agmosavleti club took part in the 2nd European Championships in Wing Tchun. It should be noted that all of them deservedly won gold medals and became champions of Europe. They are Tornike Nanikashvili, Lika Tsulukidze, Avtandil Kakulia and Zaza Zazarashvili. They forever recorded themselves in the history of sports of Georgia.